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stry insiders and experts said the Trump ad▓ministration's tariff plan, which shows U.S. misconception about▓ world trade, will certainly lead to a lose-lose situation.AUTO COST SPIKEIn its seco▓nd-quarter


earnings report released in July, General Motors cut its profit outlook for t▓he year, citing significant increases in commodity co▓sts. The automaker now expects to achieve earnings p▓er diluted share of 6 U.S. dollars for the whole year, down from its previous forecast of 6.3 to 6.6 dollars.

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odity costs rising 300 million dollars from last year, attributing a▓bout half of that to the U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum.The tariffs are exp▓ected to eat up about 600 million dollars in profit in 20


18, the automaker's Chief Financial Office▓r Bob Shanks told media earlier.Fiat Chrysler, along with its German, Japanese and South Korean competitors, have all voiced their concerns about potential impact additional tariffs on steel, aluminum, and other interm▓ediate goods could bring to the industry.Auto parts suppliers have already taken the fall.Hennig▓es Automotive, which produces automotive sealing, said they've already seen cost rising. Lucerne International, which fabricates a▓uto parts in its Asian plants and ship them back to the United States, is worried that the company'▓s profit margin is too thin to offset the rise of cos

ts.Like Lucerne International, many auto parts suppliers that are locked in long-term contrac▓ts with its clients will not be able to pass on higher costs. There are few ways for them t▓o lower costs and break even. The companies will then be caught in a dilemma: whether to clin▓g on to major clients running at a loss, or to stop loss by terminating partnership. Either way the companies will suffer heavi▓ly.Other suppliers may pass the higher costs to automakers, whic▓h will lead to higher prices of certain car models."In the▓ end, everybody loses," said Shuo

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ive jobs. However, experts said the ▓idea shows U.S. misconception about world trade.Farok J. Contractor, a professor in Rutgers Business School's management and global business department, said that while jobs will be preserved for a while against international competition in industries such as st▓eel, winning back those already gone is di


fficult because global value chains take time to be reshaped.He pointed out the fact that U.S. workers are losing many jobs because of automation rather than outsourcing. Statistics show that for every U.S. job lost through international outsourcing, three jobs are lost because of automation. "It

2018 11:02 B▓JTThe global nature of t he automot ive indu stry today means any c hange to its s▓up ply chain coul d be detrimental to al l. As the U.S. government rolled out addit ional tariffs on imported go ods from some of  its important trading partners, aut o companies in Michigan a▓re losing s leep over trade fears.Indu 大城县wap 开鲁县5G 惠东县5G 沐川县5G 芦山县wap 陆川县5G 神池县5G 沅陵县5G 宿松县5G 云阳县5G 平泉县wap 蒙阴县wap 微山县5G 临邑县wap 桑植县wap 靖西县5G 蓬莱市wap 芷江侗族自治县wap 镇雄县5G 望谟县5G 传奇私服微端版外挂 传奇私服外挂及时雨 求一个长久传奇私服 传奇私服收费外挂哪个好 传奇私服外挂破解版 中变传奇私服发布网 传奇私服外挂调法视频 热血传奇私服玉兔版 传奇私服复古战神版 三职业传奇私服网站新开网